Occam Magazine is a high fashion and conceptual photography magazine that explores ideas and perspectives beyond linguistic horizons.
The absence of a clear, universally accepted legal definition of torture is not just a theoretical issue; the practical consequences of confusion over what precisely constitutes torture are severe. Using waterboarding as a case study, Torque analyzes the language of torture, the morality of torture, and the importance of communicating an explicit US policy in order to maintain accountability and diplomatic relations. This is a Special Topics publication for Kaye Labs | Celia Kaye.
Alke Magazine is dedicated to fashion and culture. Featuring Martin Jensen. Portion of proceeds to benefit MusiCares, a music charity founded by The Recording Academy.
Elle is a new novel and forthcoming film. A grieving scientist creates an AI in his dead wife’s image, but his grip on reality and ethics deteriorates when he is left with an insatiable desire to preserve her essential identity.

How Healthy People Eat, by Kristen Coffield, The Culinary Cure.

Coming in 2023! A collection of short fiction and poetry. The aim of Philosopagus is to bridge the gap between analytic philosophy and creative writing, as creativity benefits philosophical arguments, and logical thought benefits creative writing. Works from Philosopagus have also been published in Tuck MagazineForth Magazine, and Chronogram Magazine.

Get A F*ck!ng Job! is a satirical commentary on the stereotypes of Millennials and helicopter parents, by Elise Hoffmann and fashion photographer Anton Papich. (The material contained within this page may not be suitable for children.)
“Have You Seen My Tail?” is a children’s book. Corky the dog is playing with his puppy friends when he is told that he is missing his tail. He searches everywhere for it, but he seems to have lost it forever. His hunt ends with a flight overseas where he meets a brainy peacock with a beautiful, enviable tail of its own. From the peacock he learns the secret of his ‘missing’ tail.
“The Adventures of Celia Kaye” is a children’s book. Celia Kaye is a little girl who has something she thinks she needs to hide. She goes to great lengths to keep her mysterious secret concealed from her friends by becoming a master storyteller.