Get A F*ck!ng Job!

A satirical commentary on the stereotypes of Millennials and helicopter parents.

See what the New York Post has to say about it:

Listen to Anton talk about his own Millennial failing to launch on 77WABC: 

That noise you keep hearing in your basement–it could be a jobless Millennial. You tried to be diplomatic with your newly diplomaed offspring. You tried encouragement. You tried yelling. Your little bird just won’t fly, and you’ve run out of ways to explain that while you said you would be eternally supportive, you didn’t mean financially.

This book is the only explanation you’ll need. Short, witty poems and photo collages that will keep your recent grad’s attention for at least ten whole seconds make this a perfect graduation gift. You just might be able to reclaim your basement without being the bad guy.

(And, of course, there’s that one final twist at the end showing that Millennials really aren’t as bad as they’re generally made out to be.)

Written by Elise Hoffmann and Chris Niemczewski
Photographs by Anton Papich and Jeff Prehn








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